Appropriate Technology

Appropriate Technology

For 25 years I have been involved with projects adopting a variety of innovative renewable energy and other appropriate technologies.  My expertise lies in working with project stakeholders to identify those that are specifically applicable to the needs of their communities and in disparate climatic and geographic situations.

I work with key stakeholders to build awareness and develop strategies to test out new and innovative equipment or installations to see if they are appropriate, effective, affordable and whether necessary skills and material supplies can be accessed locally.  

Technology transfer
From experience, technology transfer and in-depth training of, and ongoing support to, local constructors and producers, who are also movers and shakers, are the key to ensuring long-term project sustainability and replicability.

Technologies I am familiar with:

Over the years I have learned that the commitment and skill of exceptional human beings, working within their own communities, is critical to the success of technology transfer projects.
Child development centre constructed of stabilised earth blocks and ferrocement roof channels (by Auroville).
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