Consultancy Services

Participatory project development

One of my specialities is working creatively with large multi-stakeholder groups to develop a project or other initiative, intended to transform the lives of women, men and children, and their communities.  

I facilitate a participatory process which: 
  • empowers individuals and stakeholder groups
  • encourages equality, accountability and transparency
  • challenges unrealistic expectations
  • shares knowledge
  • ensures an integrated approach to project planning
  • captures relevant result, outcome and impact indicators
  • develops a sense of stakeholder ownership 
  • supports collective management strategies
Taking the metaphor of the ‘cooking pot’ I use group process methodology to draw out the ‘ingredients’ that each and every stakeholder – individual or group – contributes to the collective whole.
Participation, process, consultation and inclusion are qualities embedded in all the work I undertake.
Tamil Nadu, India
Participatory development of a livelihoods project.
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