Consultancy Services

Group facilitation

I offer group facilitation which is firmly rooted in development experience and based upon a ‘Right Relations’ model drawn from group psychology principles and psychotherapy practice.  My aim is to encourage equitable and authentic relations between all participants whatever their position in relation to others.  This encourages individual responsibility, shared values, collaboration and commitment to others.

Skillful group facilitation is a key to ensuring that the voices of all stakeholders may be heard and respected.  This is essential at the early stages of project development where issues of power between ‘donor’ and ‘recipient’ may cause those that perceive themselves as powerless to either stay silent or speak only what they think those with power will want to hear.

I have successfully facilitated many diverse groups to engage in a joint paticipatory creative prcess - from village women’s groups, to project field staff, fundraisers and management teams.

I believe that developing individual empowerment in a group context is the foundation for equitable decision-making, shared responsibility, transparency and accountability.
Harnosand, Sweden
Working with a small break-out group.
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