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Client: Bond – for international development
Course title: Project Planning using a Logical Framework Approach

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“Enthusiastic and passionate trainer”
Nick Grist, City and Guilds Institute, 2008.

“I really found the course an eye opener.”
Julia Bicknell, BBC World Service Trust, 2009.

“It really was fantastic and opened my eyes to logframes in a huge way.”  Genevieve Hutchinson, Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), 2010.

“If Barack Obama had used a logframe we wouldn’t be having these problems with healthcare reform.” Michael Kaiser, Senior Fellow at IMMPaCt / CDC, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2010.

"Course was well presented.  Good balance between theory and practices." Milimo Ninvalle, Programmes Trainee, Adventist Development & Relief Agency, 2011. 

"Very useful indeed, answered most of the questions I had and introduced a lot of useful ideas", Tahir Aziz.  "Practical exercises on  Conciliation Resources prposals were useful and sharing of experience led to rich discusions.", Nico "Well organised and informative.  I have a clearer understanding of the different components of a logframe (language, but also what outputs etc actually are).  Also, how a logframe can help planning." , Alexander Ramsbotham, Conciliation Resources, March 2013 

Course title: Project Management Skills, Maputo, Mozambique, 2011

“Very innovative and updated way of [course] presentation and preparation”, Birukkidus Tekleselassie, ESOG, Ethiopia

“Strongly recommended.  Would also recommend it to post graduate students in obstetrics and gynæcology, public health, pædiatrics.”  Dr Fred Achem, SOGON, Nigeria

“The course is clear, simple, easy to follow and to understand.  Very good – go for it.”
Prof Michel Akotionga, SOGOB, Burkina Faso


Client: European Network of Political Foundations (ENOP)
Course title: Instruments and Thematic Programmes of the EU in Democracy Promotion and Development Cooperation, at Chaudfontaine, Belgium, 2010 and Frascati, Italy, 2011.

"Thanks to your well prepared sessions Greta, our colleagues from political foundations and think-tanks in Europe got acquainted with the concept and use of the logical framework in EU applications. Your concise and at the same time cordial attitude created a productive and interactive learning atmosphere which was most appreciated by the seminar participants."  Friederike Gaensslen, Senior Policy Officer, ENoP.

“I always remember the training with you that we had in Villa Frascati – it was like a gateway for really good understanding of LFA and its goals! Thank you so much for that!” Indre Bulavaite-Andrejeve, Swedish International Liberal Centre, post course quote, November 2011.


Course title: 'Writing a successful co-financing application

"Participants appreciated the session you led very much and some also said that they could apply what they had learned in the working groups.  Thank you again for your hard work during the Fair!"  Ulrike Bey, Capacity Building Officer, TRIALOG, Development NGOs in the Enlarged EU, March 2013


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