December 2012
Projects in Karnataka, south India, re-visited 20 - 25 yrs on!

This mango tree was planted in 1990 by HH the Dalai Lama to inspire others to plant trees.  It was his first ever public planting of a tree!

This windmil was erected in 1995 at Doeguling Building Centre, Mundgod, is still going strong due to diligent maintenance by the inspirational manager of the centre, Dhondup Dorjee, and is one of the few amongst many erected at the same time in the settlement that is still functioning.  The building centre has always been run as a business, and could be said to be an excellent example of sustainability, but for the fact that it is owned by the Tibetan refugee settlement coop society and its potential has to an extent been inhibited by a lack of re-investment.  Profits from the centre have regularly been used to underpin less successful coop initiatives.






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