March 2012
The amazing solar bottle light!

Here’s what caught my eye last week - solar bottle lighting - a brilliant idea from the Philippines…

This is a simple technology, developed by a local entrepreneur to bring daylight into the dark homes of his poor community near Manila, where homes are built so close together they have no natural light and where electricity is both intermittent and expensive.

The solar bottle light is cheap, saves energy costs, is completely replicable, and brings an income generating opportunity to the poor - and re-uses plastic bottles that would otherwise be discarded!

This story completely reinforces my belief that the success of any innovation is dependent on the ingenuity, vision and social entrepreneurship of local ‘movers and shakers’ that are firmly rooted in their own communities.  The solar bottle light technology has been around for some years – but it takes special human beings to make inspired use of it to benefit their communities!

Do watch this video

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